contactsAt E4 Eyes, we have an extensive range of lenses on offer, from budget to industry leading brands with the latest technology allowing supreme comfort and health for your eyes.

All of our lenses are available on our Direct Debit Scheme so it is easy to choose and pay for the lenses you require.
Whether you use lenses for rare occasions or for full time wear, we will recommend lenses to suit your particular lifestyle.

Daily Lenses
No cleaning required.  Simply throw away after 1 use and replace with a fresh pair

Fortnightly Lenses
Worn on a daily basis for a fornight

Monthly Lenses
Worn on a daily basis, replaced every month

Extended or Continous Wear Lenses
Worn on a monthly basis but the Silicone Material means they can be kept in all day

Coloured Daily/Monthly Lenses
Daily or Monthly lenses in striking colours to compliment or contrast against your actual eye colour

Varifocal/Bifocal/Toric Lenses
Available in daily, fortnightly or monthly replacement option.  These are specialist lenses covering most ages and prescriptions

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses
RGP lenses for longer replacement options

Our Direct Debit Scheme allows automatic ordering so is hassle free.  Schemes include solutions, free check ups including a free Sight Test.  Also we offer promotions on glasses for patients on this Scheme

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